What is the Litespeed R1 racing car?


The R1 in detail

Litespeed F3’s R1 racing car was born in 2005 from a pure engineering base with no compromises and delivered by the ATR Group, which was specifically responsible for the development and manufacturing of the Porsche Carrera GT, the Ferrari Enzo, and the Bugatti Veyron.

The skill of its creators lay in producing literally the world’s best sports, road, and racing cars by applying revolutionary design techniques and innovations, which, in the case of Litespeed’s R1, has created potentially the best F3 racing car on the grid.


In 2006, the Litespeed R1 underwent a full aero upgrade, which produced phenomenal results particularly on high-speed tracks such as Nurburgring in Germany, where it attained pole position. By having autonomy on suspension geometry and layout, the Litespeed R1 also has a slow-speed cornering advantage over most F3 cars due to its set-up capabilities.

The racing car’s uncompromised carbon fibre lightweight design and minimal frontal area therefore means it pushes the aerodynamic envelope, giving unrivalled racing speed and handling.

This cost-effective and reliable racing car is thus capable of fantastic race results.


Litespeed F3's racing car: the R1


Litespeed F3 R1 technical specification

R1 wind tunnel mode

The monocoque, or ‘tub’ as it is known, is made from carbon fibre with an aluminium honeycomb core. From 2005 it was manufactured to incorporate the HANS device and an extractable seat for added driver safety.

There is a variety of choice when it comes to which power unit to install. Mugen-Honda, Mercedes-Benz and VW are the engines of choice when competing in British F3.

6-speed sequential gearbox.

Double wishbone, push-rod system. The Litespeed R1 is unique in that it has a choice of damper
configurations: single (mono-shock) conventional, twin or triple layout. Each system is particularly useful in the British F3 International series due to the wide variety of circuits visited.

Bodywork / aerodynamics:
Aerodynamics are a vital part of the overall design of an F3 car. With similar flow structures to that of an F1 Grand Prix car and with a stepped floor, the F3 racer is in essence a mini-F1 car. There are strictly regulated FIA-homologated parts of the car such as the engine, gearbox and chassis as well as mandatory ‘spec’ rear wing elements. However, creativity is given a free rein when it comes to designing the side-pods, undertray and diffuser. To confer a competitive advantage, the team at Litespeed F3 can optimize the R1’s aerodynamics by using a scaled-down (45%) wind tunnel model for minimum drag and maximum downforce and stability.

Top speeds in excess of 160 mph depending on the circuit and gearing; 0–60 mph in 3.0 seconds and 130 to 50 mph deceleration in 2.8 seconds.




Litespeed F3 R1 detailed technical specification

Item   Specification   Comments      
Weight   550 kg with driver and ballast   Race condition      
Wheelbase   2742 mm   -      
Track (front)   1530 mm   -      
Track (rear)   1472 mm   -      
Chassis construction   Carbon fibre monocoque   Sandwich structure with aluminium honeycomb produced by the ATR Group      
Bodywork   Glass fibre GRP   Glass fibre sandwich structure with a Nomex honeycomb core      
Engine installation   Championship specification   Package suitable for Opel Speiss, Neil Brown Mugen, Mercedes-Benz, VW and Toyota      
Cooling pack 1   2 air / water radiators   Engine block cooling      
Cooling pack 2   1 air / oil radiator   Oil cooling      
Transmission   Team specification   Pankl / Cima 6-speed sequential with reverse      
Suspension (front)   Double wishbone with single rocker strut inside chassis   -      
Suspension (rear)   Double wishbone with dual rocker struts   -      
Damper   Team specification   Packaged for Koni or Sachs      
Fuel tank   Premier FT5 material bag   Petrol with 40-litre capacity      
Brakes   Team specification   Current standard by Brembo      
Electronics   Instruments and data acquisition module by Bosch   -      
Safety   6-point seat harness, Lifeline fire extinguisher   -      

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